P.A.C.T.  Parents Assisting Children and Teachers

At Children’s Meeting House, parent involvement is really distinguished as a partnership. Parents will always be the primary educators of their children however, at CMH a home/school partnership is paramount in our students educational journey. The CMH Community are all members of P.A.C.T. with the same goals and vision. 

PACT’s Mission Statement
Our mission is to build a strong sense of community through social events and the organization of volunteers to support the children and teachers of Children’s Meeting House Montessori School.

Our objectives are:
To provide teacher and staff support
To provide activities, socials and services to assist the school and community
To support the CMH Fundraising Committee through volunteerism during special events

P.A.C.T. Coordinators ~
Andrea Glassmeyer, Jessica Hughes, and Missy Schade

For more informarion on P.A.C.T. please reach our coordinators at cmhpact@gmail.com.